Goal Digging Women: Tamy Cozier-Charles, Founder of T-Roots Beauty in New York

Natural hair sits at the center of the Brown Skin Women Universe, so it should come at no surprise that a hair care product line is the spotlight for this month. I am a lover of bad-ass Goal Digging Women chasing her dreams and sharing her story. Moreso in tune with the woman who offers a beautiful creation for others to love on and grow with. This time around I’m shining a well deserving light on T-Roots Beauty, a handcrafted line of hair and beauty products made from the very best nature has to offer.

Brown Skin Women T-Roots Beauty Founder Tamy Cozier-Charles
Tamy Cozier-Charles is a self-professed product junky with a passion for haircare. In 2013, she decided to give up chemical relaxers to embrace the natural hair movement. As part of her journey, she grew frustrated with chronic dry hair. As a journalist who has worked for major networks and magazines, she decided to use her research skills to find a solution to help her retain moisture. What began as an idea out of necessity eventually evolved. Through product making classes, she gained the skills to formulate safe, effective hair and skincare products with the aim of helping others keep their kinks, coils and curls healthy and hydrated. With T-Roots, her goal is to help women—especially young women and girls—embrace and celebrate their natural hair.


Brown Skin Women T-Roots Beauty
T-Roots is a handcrafted line of hair and skincare products made from the very best in nature. Developed for a range of hair and skin textures, our products are filled with soothing butters, rich oils and nourishing botanicals.


We understand that the relationship with our hair and skin goes well beyond what’s on the surface. So it’s our mission to create affordable, gentle products that are free of unnecessary fillers to allow your inner beauty to shine through.


For my Naturals reading this, I have used T-Roots Beauty products for a little over a year and don’t see that changing anytime soon. My absolute favorite/go-to products from her line are the Butter Curls- Curl Defining Creme and 5-IN-1 Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment. When she isn’t participating in my Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expos, I’m shopping her online store to restock my goods.

For my entrepreneurs reading this, you can learn a thing or two from Tamy’s INCREDIBLE social media presence (and I’m not just saying that because her brand color is my favorite—mint green). Her brand identity is fun, feminine, consistent, clean and inspiring. Plus if you’re looking to launch or enhance a product line, Tamy shares the following advice:

Carmen: I use my professional experience to assist brands with branding and have one who is looking for help with enhancing the quality of her product labeling. She is hoping to have a label that doesn’t get impacted by the product oils and that is water resistant. 

Tamy: For protection against water and oils…you want to choose a label that has some sort of protective vinyl. My go to is Frontier labels, but there are others like Uprinting, Lightning Labels, etc. I would suggest you reach out and ask them to send you a sample swatch so you can get a sense of what the material looks like and how it’ll look against your container. 

Carmen: What do suggest for printing multiple sizes(specifically could one size label for the multiple size bottle/jars work)? Also who would you recommend she print with what print finish? 

Tamy: I would first ask whether you need that many sizes to start? But, there are ways to get around having to purchase multiple sizes. Most print houses will allow you to print multiple versions (2oz, 4oz etc.) of the same size label. Dirty Mermaid is a brand that does this really well. If you look at their site…you’ll notice that their labels are all the same size even though they use various types of packaging. 

Brown Skin Women T-Roots Beauty
T-Roots Beauty is ending the year with a bang with the launch of their holiday gift sets. You’ll save up to 16% off retail with these dope bundles, which make perfect gifts for friends and family. 

Whether you try out her amazing line for your own personal care needs, and/or become a fellow Goal Digging woman inspirited by her message, you are sure to be in for a treat. 
Tamy/T-Roots Beauty is Social:

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