Goal Digging Women: Lauren Scott, Owner of Tickled Photo Booth Company

You ever run across a new account on Instagram and instantly fall madly in love with it!? That happened to me with Tickled Photo Booth Company’s Instagram account.  It is full of magic.  After a while of loving over everything they’d post, I dug a little deeper into their web presence and sent a blind email via their contact form.  Almost immediately Owner Lauren replied arranging time for us to chat via phone for this Goal Digging Women Feature.  Based in Washington D.C., Lauren’s story is an inspiring tale on pushing through working a career while owning a growing business.  

Carmen: What product or service do you offer?

Lauren: Tickled Photo Booth Company, a modern take on the traditional photo booth. Tickled photo booths are open format booths that utilize innovative photographic technology to bring the traditional photo booth into the digital age, creating studio-quality images with the tap of a screen. Images can be printed instantly on-site and shared via text, email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in real time to continue the party online. I love what I do, and feel pretty lucky to be doing it. It’s a huge privilege to provide a service that generates so much fun for so many people.

Carmen: How long have you been in business?

Lauren: Almost 4 years: Since December 2013

Carmen: What is/was your greatest challenge with keeping it going?

Lauren: Letting go. It’s hard hiring staff and outsourcing work to others to represent your brand and execute your vision. Even though I’m at the point where I can afford and am ready to get some stuff off of my plate, it’s hard, but not impossible, finding people who care about my business and customers as much as I do.

Carmen: If the Brown Skin Women network could support you within your business in what way would it be?

Lauren: Spread the word! 70% of our business comes from word of mouth.

Carmen: Through Brown Skin Women I highlight brands and Goal Digging Women chasing her dream and sharing her stories. What advice would you give to your younger self?: 

Lauren: Be persistent. If you want something, go get it. Ask for it. And before you accept “no” for an answer, challenge it (politely, of course). Try to get an understanding of why you’re being turned down. Any feedback you get can be used to get a yes, change your pitch, or even change your product/service offering. Treat every encounter as a learning opportunity.

Carmen: What advice would you give to a fellow woman on the entreprenerial path?

Lauren: Get out there. Be uncomfortable. Ask for help, keep fighting, and don’t give up!

Tickled Photot Booth is Social! Connect:

Email: lauren@tickledphotobooth.com

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