Goal Digging Women: Kimberly Oates, Owner of Get Crowned

Brown Skin Women’s next Goal Digging Women spotlight is on Kimberly Oates, Owner of Get Crowned accessory brand which is based in our home state Connecticut (fist pump).  Learn more about Get Crowned below and prepare to shop their amazing goodies our annual Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expo on June 3, 2017 from 11a-5p in downtown Hartford, CT. Learn more here.

Brown Skin Women: How long has Get Crowned been in business?

Kimberly: Get Crowned has been in business for the last 3-4 years.

Brown Skin Women: What is your greatest challenge with keeping it going?

Kimberly: One of the biggest challenges I face with Get Crowned is remaining consistent while constantly thinking of new and creative items to offer my consumer base. The foundation of my company is flower crowns and usually people buy flowers when flowers are blooming so I am constantly thinking of ways to expand my reach to give customers various options to buy throughout the year.

Brown Skin Women: If the BSW network could support you within your business in what would it be?

Kimberly: If the Brown Skin Women network could support Get Crowned I would just mainly need constant emotional support and motivation. When you are an entrepreneur and solely rely on yourself to get things done it can be a bit overwhelming so a listening ear from other women going towards their goals is always nice.

Brown Skin Women: BSW highlights brands by Goal Digging Women chasing her dream and sharing her stories. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Kimberly: Oh, there is so much advice I would give to the younger me. The main thing I would tell her would be to “the fear you’re feeling, that uncomfortable feeling you are feeling. Just means you are getting ready to stand out from the rest, so move without fear and follow your instincts because you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for.”

Brown Skin Women: What advice would you give to a fellow woman on the entrepreneurial path?

Kimberly: The advice I would give other women like myself on the entrepreneurial path would be to “never give up on yourself.” It is so important to believe in your abilities. The minute you second guess yourself is one second to many and it’s there to kill your dreams. Also, keep a tight circle of people you can trust around you, these are people who you can bounce ideas off, vent to, seek advice, etc; these are people who only want to see you succeed. Finally, it’s also okay not to tell everyone your plans, this dream you have is your baby so protect it with all you have.

Brown Skin Women is sending Kimberly and her creative brand love and huge hugs fo chasing her goal and sharing her story.

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