Goal Digging Women: Jazzmine Pertillar, Owner of Styled By Jazz

The only thing I love more than supporting Black Women in business and finding new amazing products is doing both at the same time! While both hosting and attending events in the Greater Hartford, CT area I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a talented and creative designer whose unique pieces are refreshing and eye-catching. Jazzmine Pertillar of Styled By Jazz has found a way to create her own niche during the current influx in appreciation for African fashion and culture. From her bold accessories to the stunning runway pieces, Jazzmine offers many looks that make you instantly say “I need that!”. I am personally partial to the vivid collection of headwraps Jazzmine offers. My growing collection of wraps have been a great conversation starter and even led me to learn more about the vast cultures of both Ghanaian and Nigerian people. I am very inspired and enamored by African fashion and I thank Jazzmine for making it accessible and exciting to wear!

Shay: What product or service do you offer?:

Jazzmine: I offer handmade African print accessories ( earrings, clutches, choker necklaces, head wraps,) as well as African print clothing (skirts, dresses, and tops).

Shay: How long have you been offering this?:

Jazzmine: It will be one year on June 29th, 2017.

Shay: What is your greatest challenge with keeping it going?

Jazzmine: My greatest challenge with running my business is funding it, as well as finding the time to make all of the product. Ultimately I would like to run my business full time and not work for anyone else, but I find these challenges do get in the way of that goal.

Shay: If the Brown Skin Women network could support you within your business in what would it be?

Jazzmine: The Brown Skin Women network could support me by sharing my business via word of mouth or on social media platforms, so that other people who have not yet heard of my brand, can be exposed to it.

Shay: Brown Skin Women highlights brands by Goal Digging Women chasing her dream and sharing her stories. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Jazzmine: I would tell my younger self to be more of a risk taker and not be so fearful of failing because things will work together for your good, in the end.

Shay: What advice would you give to a fellow woman on the entrepreneurial path?

Jazzmine: I would tell any woman on the entrepreneurial path to never give up. There will be days when you will get overwhelmed and feel like you want to quit, but it’s in these moments that you must step back, take a break, don’t be afraid to ask for help and look for new ways to approach whatever it is you are pursuing. There will be road blocks, but you must keep pushing forward.

Styled by Jazzmine is Social! Connect:

Email: styledbyjazzmine@gmail.com

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