Entrepreneur: How to successfully land event sponsorship

Over the years I have received SO many of the same how-to questions. One being how to land sponsorship for events. In part one of this entrepreneurs series I will share with you an area that allows me to make a living and a life: event planning and blogging.

A little History for all:

I started my Brown Skin Women blog after a decision to impulsively chop off my chemically relaxed hair.  I chose the Brown Skin Women name after a life changing experience with being a chosen volunteer for the 58th presidential inaugural ball for former president Barack Obama, as well as a one-of-a-kind experience recording a trailer with JP Morgan & Chase for Martin Luther Kings The King Project, during the 50th anniversary of Dr. Kings I Have A Dream Speech in DC.  Both events took place in 2014 and immediately changed me life.  I was proud to be a black woman and I wanted to share it with the world.

This blog immediately became a platform that stood firmly on the foundation of celebrating self, black culture and sisterhood.  One that allowed me to share stories, powerful black owned brands, natural hair, beauty and wellness inspiration.

Fast forward to having an urge to take my blogs virtual presence off line and in the physical world with fun natural hair meetups, brunches and expos.  To help make these events far more amazing, I have and continue to successfully land monetary sponsorships from medium and large size brand companies (Essence Magazine, nuNAAT, and Ecoco to name a few) who have shipped me pallets full of products that they pay me to distribute to my Brown Skin Women network and feature my events in their magazine.  How did I do it?  It requires a few things:

1) audience- they know I have an engaging and purposeful virtual presence because they can see and measure (this blog site, Facebook fan page, Instagram, etc)
2) upcoming events that would allow what they offer to reach individuals who are their target market (I.e. my audience) 3) one sheet/media kit that breaks down 6 KEY elements that outline every aspect of my ask, what I can offer and how they can measure collaborative success.

The value for both myself and the brand must be mutually beneficial, meaning myself and their brand benefits by the business relationship and partnership. I tailored my sponsorship kit materials to reflect this and it stuck, so far for the past 4 years. And so well many of the brands reach out to me asking if I have the upcoming years package together for them to incorporate into their budget.

In my Brown Skin Women Entrepreneur’s Club we are exploring what each step in this process looks like and how to others can achieve their own.  This includes creating exploring sponsorship kits, one sheets and mentor-ship with myself personally.  For those of you who are not a member of my club or a women or man of color, I will offer a series of workshops once per quarter inside of my Carmen’s Events & Beauty Showroom.  The 1st one will occur in March and next is in May.  You can register via the calendar below.

Comment below letting me know what events you have coming up or are looking to plan :).  Since I now offer sponsorship for select brands that align with my brands mission, I would happily explore establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.




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    Brandy Bacote
    March 10, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Good Morning Carmen,

    I am a travel agent who also hosts local wine and beer tours in my city. My next beer tour will be later this month on 03/26 and my next wine tour will be 05/13.

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