Motivation and hard work got me here. My natural hair and wellness journey would not have been as attainable without inspiration from those I admired. They encouraged me to never give up.  Oprah, Michelle Obama and Maya Angelou looked to others for support and motivation along their journeys, each of us are no different.

The inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support offered through this website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and weekly newsletters are designed to push you forward through daily inspiration and especially through other powerful women in business.  One major aspect being our highlights of other amazing women in business, especially our Diamond Discount partners.  Additionally, we explore:

The Design Your Life Guide is an inspirational tale on how owning your truth can literally encourage you to design your life.  It offers a personal look into mental wellness struggle and how to overcome.

Also included is inspiration with Carmen Veal founder of Brown Skin Women.  A serial entrepreneur, special needs mom and woman of influence sharing her tips and journey with members in the secret group on Facebook.  Send a request to join here.



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