Confidence Begins With Curiosity And Courage

My most frequently asked question from others is how do you do it (entrepreneurship success, strides, etc.).

I realize now, eight years in, it’s always been confidence.

The confidence to show up, willingness to learn and ultimately the ability to grow.

In My 32: A Sweeter Softer Side Of Life, I wondered how exposure could have shaped my journey and the woman I am today, had my upbringing been any different from it was (it was tough).  I realize it would not have been the same.  I needed those lessons to shape me for moments like this…

Tatum, a Little Miss Fairy Tales who modeled in my Brown Skin Women Runway Show two years ago, was too shy to walk the runway.  She was energetic about modeling leading up to her big moment, yet was head down, legs locked, apparent discomfort at show time.

I whispered “Can I hold your hand and show you the way?”  She nods.  So off we went. She was holding on for dear life until mid way through I whispered “look up”.

She noticed a crowd full of love, smiles, cheers, and beautiful words.  I felt her grip soften, pace soften and a smile appeared.  Her confidence was building with every step.

By the end, Tatum was basking in all of her magic.  She was proud, excited, filled with love.

I let her hand go.

She posed for the camera, and owned the journey now happily on her own.

It was one of those empowering moments.  One I hadn’t come to know until my early twenties.  Confidence. It begins with curiosity and courage.

And sometimes we need a little help and encouragement with gaining it along the way.

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