Confession: I Need Help. The Kind Of Help That Allows Me To Help Others and Others Help Others. And So Forth.

I started Brown Skin Women four years ago with one goal in mind: create a safe space in the virtual world to grow through the embrace of natural hair. This goal has since flourished into an empire of its own. It serves a bigger purpose for women of color as opposed to the person I started it for…myself. 

Become A brown Skin Women Ambassador
The truth is…I need help. The kind of help that allows me to help others, and others to help others. And so forth. 

Through this network we have met life long friends, educated ourselves on best practices and techniques, learned through failures and setbacks, learn what real sisterhood and support feels like, inspired to launch and groom our passion projects, business and incorporate great ideas, pushed to try harder and do better. 

It really is a Network full of amazing life-enhancing opportunities for Brown Skin Women (men and young ladies too). 

My challenge as a business owner is my own inability to be in multiple places at once. That and my obligation to focus on my event planning firm’s clients and network members needs. Not to mention being Mom to my special needs daughter, Sania. 

I need help with the incredible events I offer this network and dope brands. I need women who are actually interested in being apart of this network to be apart of this network. Not ones that I choose because I think will be a good fit (tried that and successfully failed at it). 

Our events are incredible…and I’m not just saying that. I created these events because I recognized the value they offer women of color. Since the very first networking event four years ago, I’ve been told time and time again how amazing the experience was, thanked for creating these events, how one brands business brought in over 60,000 dollars in revenue. The icing on the cake was Women actually asking me if they can help out. 

I needed to develop better structure in some areas and am finally able to make establishing a support team possible in a way that is beneficial to the entire network. 

So if you’re interested in joining a wildly supportive, fun and life-enhancing Network this opportunity may be for you (I personally feel these opportunity is best for the woman who is looking to connect with other women, grow a business, be supported and genuinely loved…but that’s just my opinion).

A Brand Ambassador role is best for women in Hartford, New Haven and Fairfield Counties in Connecticut, and includes…

Learn more about the role specifics and apply here.

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