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7 absolute truths and gentle reminders about life 

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Sometimes material things provide us gentle reminders and powerful life lessons. These experiences have the ability to shape us if we let them.  On Instagram I shared posts highlighting a beautiful wedding I attended with my love this past weekend.  It was pretty amazing because love is inspiring.  It (the wedding) also served me a powerful lesson through an edible (of all things). For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved the idea of macaroons because they’re adorable…until I tried…

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Why you should invest in the help you need


Plan to fail. Saturday was my big little lady Sania’s 14th birthday.  I had her young (age 17) and recall planning how our mom to daughter age ratio would be so cool.  She’d be this bright teenage girl with…

Wake Pray Slay Challenge


I have learned to always look within. What’s really stopping me? What’s really the driving force behind my actions and thoughts? What’s blocking my blessing?   I don’t plan to ever settle on survival alone. It isn’t enough. Striving…