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Being FREE. We are not our struggles, our temporary emotions or life’s challenges

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Can I just tell you how mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically FREE I am with who I am!?  No that does not mean my world is perfect (quite the contrary because life…I’m growing through some seasonal ish as I write this and it sucks).  On the inside, I feel free. Free of fear of everything: failure, setbacks, negativity, external forces and especially my own thoughts.  I’m no longer afraid to call ish what it is.  I no longer have time…

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Why you should invest in the help you need


Plan to fail. Saturday was my big little lady Sania’s 14th birthday.  I had her young (age 17) and recall planning how our mom to daughter age ratio would be so cool.  She’d be this bright teenage girl with…

Wake Pray Slay Challenge


I have learned to always look within. What’s really stopping me? What’s really the driving force behind my actions and thoughts? What’s blocking my blessing?   I don’t plan to ever settle on survival alone. It isn’t enough. Striving…

My life as a special needs mom

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Hey y’all!  Carmen here, sharing a very intimate part of myself as a result of recently having received the absolute sweetest private message from a woman thanking me for sharing my story with this networks beautiful Brown Skin Women…