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Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself

Values, Wellness

After a crippling break up (a few years ago) I became obsessed with trying to love myself. Like REALLY love myself, the way I wanted to be loved by someone else.  I was in so much internal pain. Like there was a huge, gaping hole in my heart.  I posted this photo on social media with the caption “beach”. When in actuality I didn’t even want to be there, as I felt like complete shet.  Looking back, I needed the…

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Fun, therapeutic and networking events that are designed to uplift and inspire.  We offer a plethora of amazing events including including:   To offer this value, we work alongside Fitness Companies, Consultants and Organizations. Interested in working with us?…



Our academy offers summits and retreats for youth, workshops, and accountability challenges that are educational, interactive events designed to teach to participants practical skills and techniques surrounding natural hair, beauty & wellness. Our classes cater to small groups of…



Relevant black news, local news, black history and Brown Skin Women spotlights such as our Her Story features highlighting the woman making strides in her business/career and personal life.  The most amazing part of this is the woman sharing…



Motivation and hard work got me here. My natural hair and wellness journey would not have been as attainable without inspiration from those I admired. They encouraged me to never give up.  Oprah, Michelle Obama and Maya Angelou looked…