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Life gets cloudy when we pretend and do things we don’t really want to do

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My hope is that any type of support I receive be intentional. Not solely because of who I am or where I’m going, but because my areas of focus resonates with you in some way. If it doesn’t resonate, I’m absolutely OK with not having your support. My friends and family aren’t obligated to support anything that I do…just be a good friend and relative. Kind, respectful and loving. Besides, life gets cloudy when we pretend and do things we…

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Her Story: Dayeshell & Abdul Muhammad

Her Story, She Say

All month my husband has been celebrating people around him that he feels is #MakingBlackHistory. Well today I celebrate him. In 2005 he took a risk and started My People Clinical Services, LLC. Over the last 12yrs he has…

She Say: Transparency Over Everything

She Say

Transparency Over Everything!  Things will not always go as planned and that’s ok.  People and circumstances will change and what you once shared or planned for, will become a distant memory. Be strong enough to endure the loss yet…