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What’s the key to healthy hair care? ​Learn the importance of a healthy scalp environment and the role it plays to natural hair care, how to minimize Alopecia (Hair Loss), what is normal vs abnormal, prevention and so much…

Seasonal Natural Hair Care: Wash-Moisture Balance-Trim

Natural Hair

Calling all DIY (do it yourself) naturals.  We are pleased to share a new service which I think all naturals should utilize.  It’s the process of maintaining natural hair and promoting growth for quarterly split end trimming. This week we sat…

Not-So-Scissor Happy Split Ends

Natural Hair

Fear of “scissor happy hair stylist”?  You should be!  He or she is only making you face a painful reality you’ve avoided for far too long.  It hurts I know but allow me to address the confusion surrounding natural…

There’s Nothing Better Than Being Natural!

Natural Hair

Go Natural..? But Why? First of all.. What is “being/going natural,” anyway? Natural (adj) – (To be) In accordance with nature; relating to or concerning nature. Anything that comes from nature or comes about with ease; meant to be…