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30 day water detox challenge

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A few weeks ago I shared part one of My Not So Great Relationship with Water.  In short, it’s one area I have always struggled with prioritizing.  Knowing the significance of regular water intake but choosing to ignore it.  While in the Bahamas a month ago, I realized I was thirsty for water (not the piña Collada’s and Tom Collin high I was on).  Which made me realize I was likely dehydrated.  Fast forward to returning home and learning Sania,…

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Perm versus Relaxer

Natural Hair

If I had a dollar for every time someone referred to chemically straightened kinky/curly/coily hair as a perm, I’d be a millionaire.  There is a difference between relaxers and perms.  Similar process but different results. SIMILARITIES Both the treatments…

A Newly Natural Transitioning Guide!

Natural Hair

I know you’ve heard all the hullabaloo about “going natural,” or “rocking the ‘do’ that God gave you,” or even, “becoming a Naturalista!” And trust me, I know the fuss is loud now, but the noise won’t be dying…

Restore your hair

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What’s the key to healthy hair care? ​Learn the importance of a healthy scalp environment and the role it plays to natural hair care, how to minimize Alopecia (Hair Loss), what is normal vs abnormal, prevention and so much…