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Entrepreneur: Email etiquette, Bcc, reply to all abuse & more

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Dear Entrepreneurs (and everyone else), when sending emails to a massive list of folks, please add everyone to the “Bcc” section.  Which means blind carbon copy: a copy of an email sent to someone whose name and address isn’t visible to other recipients. This (Bcc field) can be found beneath the To and Cc fields in the email. Otherwise, you’re basically giving up your entire email list. Which is equivalent to giving out personal cell phone numbers without confirming it’s OK to…

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His Story, Emmett Till

We’re all familiar with the 1955 lynching of Emmett Till right?  Well, his story has resurfaced in a different light. In short Till, a 14 year black old boy, was accused of verbally and/or physically assaulting white woman Carolyn…

Welcome to Brown Skin Women


Brown Skin Women is a natural hair, beauty, wellness and entrepreneurial network which elevates female youth and women through ethnic beauty and wellness founded by myself, Carmen Veal, in 2013. You ever hear the saying “A woman who cuts…

Welcome to the Demo


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Awesome Lookbook Template


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Customizable Colors & Fonts

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