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Entrepreneur: How to successfully land event sponsorship

Entrepreneur, Her Story

Over the years I have received SO many of the same how-to questions. One being how to land sponsorship for events. In part one of this entrepreneurs series I will share with you an area that allows me to make a living and a life: event planning and blogging. A little History for all: I started my Brown Skin Women blog after a decision to impulsively chop off my chemically relaxed hair.  I chose the Brown Skin Women name after…

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My life as a special needs mom

Featured, Her Story, Wellness

Hey y’all!  Carmen here, sharing a very intimate part of myself as a result of recently having received the absolute sweetest private message from a woman thanking me for sharing my story with this networks beautiful Brown Skin Women…

Ethnic Beauty Story Telling

Storytelling is the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, often with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. I am thrilled to introduce Brown Skin Women’s Ethnic Beauty Story Telling 6 Week Summer Series.  Which will offer exclusive cultural events exploring…

Love found me after I found myself

Featured, Her Story, Wellness

A couple years ago (with my therapists support) I made a list of all the qualities I absolutely would not accept or tolerate in my next relationship, as well as absolute must have qualities. Cheating, lying, manipulation, verbal abuse…