Brown Skin Women Monday Motivation, 6/12/17

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What a great weekend! The weather here in Connecticut was perfect, the love was strong and my cup runneth over.  Courtesy of checking in with my self care plan and being surrounded by black (girl) magic.

Starting with a morning tea with (a canvass of) Buddha, full body massage (it was intense…because apparently I’ve been carrying stress in my back), jacuzzi and poolside lunch with libation, a walk through the park, an unplanned nap that lasted two-hour and a dinner prepared by my baby sister.

My Self Care Sunday refueled my cup which now runneth over (we should operate our lives from whats inside of our cup, anything that overflows is for everyone else).

I saw this sign on my way home from the spa and was like, YASSS, damn right our lives matter.   Also yes, the Universe needs reminders of this very fact because reality clearly objects, disrespect and doesn’t full accept our magic.

The sisterhood.  Yesterday was Selfie Sunday on Brown Skin Women’s Instagram.  Beautiful everyday women who grace the world with our magical presence.  Pushing to hold it all together, while working hard, caring for loved ones, striving to embrace growth and make sure we look good.   And to combat the insult to perpetual shade and injury, forging a stiff middle finger to European standard of beauty by shining our black girl magic.  The brown beauties in this network show up!  And my heart is always filled when I have to opportunity to showcase them.

Now for deeper inspiration…take what you need and leave the rest.

Gentle reminders:

-If you want to be featured in Selfie Sunday, you have to complete at least the CLASSIC level membership here, then can send a request to join our secret group on Facebook…which is where the magic happens.

Until next Monday, love all over yourself because you deserve it.  If you’re local, join me for Goddess Meditation one day this week (here).  If not, soon you’ll be able to join us virtually.  Stay tuned.



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