Brown Skin Women: Fitbit Get Fit Challenge

Ladies. THIS IS HAPPENING.  Our first ever Brown Skin Women FitBit Get Fit Challenge.

A couple months ago my honey bought me this cute teal fitbit so the two of us could challenge one another with steps.  It has been SO much fun.  My brain ALWAYS ventures to my Brown Skin Women and how I can have the fun with you all so this challenge was born.

We will begin with part 1: a warm up Weekend Warrior challenge Saturday.

We will continue with part 2: a 5 day Workweek Hustle Challenge

Here is how it works…

  1. You need a FitBit with an active username.
  2. Join me by committing, sharing you are IN and ready to take the challenge.  Show the world Brown Skin Women are in this TOGETHER :). 
  3. You MUST be at least a CLASSIC level member (FREE- join here if you aren’t already)
  4. Then head over to this #BSWgetfit challenge in our secret Brown Skin Women group on Facebook  You must be apart of the group to see the content so send a request to join here (if you aren’t in already)
  5. Daily, WE (I need your support ladies) will update and encourage one another by sharing inspiration event’s comment section.   

I’m so ready for this!  I’ll see you over in the Facebook group soon 🙂

Love + Hugs,


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