Goal Digging Women: Yanique, Owner of Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes

Brown Skin Woman spotlight is on the beautiful Yanique, Owner of Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes.
Yanique, Owner of Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes

I had the pleasure of getting to know the woman behind the brand during my Events + Beauty Showroom‘s grand reopening and retail collaboration with SOLACE Hartford Boutique.

Yanique is a native of Jamaica who moved to the US at the age of eleven.  She started Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes out of her love for makeup and necessity to fill a void.

The idea came to me after my last makeup brush purchase from one of the top cosmetic companies.  Granted, I was super excited about my purchase and couldn’t wait to try it out.  I remember looking over my receipt and thinking to myself, I can’t believe I just spent this much money on ONE makeup brush.  At that moment the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business presented itself.  I decided to create an affordable, quality brand and product, and thus Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes was born. 


Pretty Doll Makeup Brush Collections
Yanique explained her biggest challenge with running her business is finding the capitol necessary to cover out of pocket expenses.  Doing so would allow her to promote and market to a larger audience thus allowing her business to grow.


Carmen, Founder of Brown Skin Women

I tried and LOVE my new set of brushes from her Perfect Blue Collection.  There’s something empowering about using quality products and supporting an entrepenuer’s dream.  This is why the Brown Skin Women Spotlight exist.

​I adore women of color, and especially brown skin women entrepreneurs!  I want all of us to succeed and have learned we can through genuine support, patience, understanding and love.

The Brown Skin Women Network as a whole is the catalyst that builds a solid foundation on which each of us can stand.  It is to this end and with great pleasure we welcome Yanique to the Brown Skin Women Family!

Shop her brushes on her website here.
Connect with her on Instagram here and Facebook here.

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