Being FREE. We are not our struggles, our temporary emotions or life’s challenges

Can I just tell you how mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically FREE I am with who I am!? 

No that does not mean my world is perfect (quite the contrary because life…I’m growing through some seasonal ish as I write this and it sucks). 

On the inside, I feel free. Free of fear of everything: failure, setbacks, negativity, external forces and especially my own thoughts.  I’m no longer afraid to call ish what it is.  I no longer have time to sugar coat life’s f*ckery.  

My ecotherapeutic (just made that up 😉 ) workcation in Delray Beach, Florida is full of soaking up the super hot sun and warm water while reminding myself that life happens for us not to us. 

We are not our struggles, our temporary emotions or life’s challenges.  We do not have to reduce who we are because of them. We do not need to attach ourselves to the identity of our greatest battles.  We are NOT invincible, we DO burn out, we need to refuel our willpower OFTEN. 

Hit the reset button.  Often.  What I mean by this is take the time out for yourself.  Do things that make you feel good to be in the skin you’re skin.  If you can’t afford a vacation or massage or any other thing that requires paying, go the nature route.  Ecotherapy (hiking, biking, walking, running, sitting in the park, admiring the trees, the sky, the sun, etc.).   Be Motivated by Love (as shared on my events blogsite here)

I am home and feeling ready. Not for anything new but for everything old and current too. Ready to say yes to what works, no to what doesn’t, maybe to what I’m uncertain of.   And smile, knowing each decision resonates in some gentle way, and love no matter what will ALWAYS be the result.  

Be love. Be light. 



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