Anxiety, depression and owning your truth

I am an advocate for owning my truth.
I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression. I’ve lived in darkness. Isolating myself and my child from the outside world.  Everyone thinking I was super busy and focused.  I was…just not with work and goal digging.

Then came the misery loves company party. Forcing my darkness onto others. Failing to show up, giving up, being a negative ball of emotions. 

 I get it. It sucks. It hurts. No one understands.

There were people willing to support and help me but I had to ask for help. More importantly I had to want help. 

Fast forward, I am here. Living in my truth. Sharing how I’ve grown.

To be transparent…I had my daughter at 17.  Her dad left us when I was 22.  She was delayed with walking and talking since birth, and eventually lost her ability to talk overall.  By age 5 she was diagnosed with autism.  Age 10 she lost all self help skills, including her ability to feed and groom herself.  And walk.  She’s confined to a wheelchair.  There is “no diagnosis” for her condition.  All I know is her head and brains development are the size and scale of an 80-90 year old.  Who would develop dementia as a result.  Only, childhood dementia is not relevant in the US.  So, there’s no prognosis or cure.  I was literally told “I have no clue how long she will live.  It could be a year, it could be 5 years, it could be 10”. 

That is my reality.  

Mixed with unhealthy relationships with men leading up to my current one.  With a man who treats me how a woman should be treated.  Appreciates the mom I have become and supports me in every possible aspect of my life.  A partner, best friend and protector.

I chose to own my truth.  I sought out help.  And the universe continues to bless me for doing so. 

I am encouraging black women to do the same. Own your truth. Seek help.  

It’s essential. 

Yoga, meditation, therapy, self help books, asking family and close friends for support was and still is my recipe for cure. 

Being the best to myself taught me what not to accept from anyone else.  It also encourages me to share my story because I recognize it will inspire others. 

Create yours custom cure. Our wellbeing and livelihood depends on it. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


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    January 4, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    I admire your strength, your courage, your drive. You appear to have discovered the secret to a full and inspired life. Thank you for sharing your truth. It is certain to be someone’s blessing today.

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      Brown Skin Women
      January 10, 2017 at 11:51 am

      A work in progress. Thank you for your support and love, Leslie.

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