Goal Digging Women, Anowa Adjah

This month we are interviewing Brown Skin Woman & Goal Digger, Anowa Adjah from New Jersey. Anowa tells BSW interviewer & Editor Carmen Veal about her experience with natural hair.

Anowa Adjah, NHBB from NJ

Why Anowa Adjah is our NHBB Influential Woman:

First, I’d like to begin by welcoming Anowa to Natural Hair Brown Beauty. I have had the wonderful opportunity to with Anowa prior and couldn’t have been more delighted for the chance to work with her again. Anowa is a full-figured fitness phenomenon, CEO of Powerhouse Physics, Motivational Speaker & Published Author & Writer residing in New Jersey. Anowa is an inspiration and icon who goes hard for what she believes in. She is another woman in the world of many, who influences and inspires by following her heart, her dream and sharing these passions with the world.

NHBB: How long have you been natural?

Anowa: Almost two years

NHBB: Big Chop or Transition?

Anowa: After a year of wearing a weave cap over my natural hair I did the “Big Chop”!

Anowa, natural hair

NHBB: What are you favorite hair products and how difficult/easy was it take to discover what works best for your hair type?

Anowa: I like “Organix beauty pure and simple” line. I also use Jean Carter’s line along with Organic Coconut Oil. In the beginning it was very difficult to find a product that worked because many of the products I was using was adding to my dry scalp issue. I did a lot of experimenting and finally found a few products that work. I look forward to trying “Mixed Chicks” hair products as well.

NHBB: Do you have a hair care regimen?

Anowa: Yes I do, I wash my hair 1-2 times every other week.I wash my hair with Organix coconut or Macadamia/Argan Oil then I deep condition with an organic olive oil conditioner for at least 20 minutes or more. Once I’m done then I use an all natural or organic serum with a leave-in conditioner preferably with Argan Oil.

NHBB: What influenced you to embrace being a natural hair brown beauty?

Anowa: My scalp dramatically became very sensitive when I tried to perm my hair. As a result of my sensitive scalp, I stopped relaxing. Also, 2 of my hairdresser’s were telling me I didn’t need a relaxer because my hair was thick and healthy so I took heed to their recommendation and stopped using chemicals in my hair.

NHBB: How does being a natural hair brown beauty make you feel?

Anowa: I’m very happy about it because I was a little unsure on how the public would receive me with having natural hair.

Thick is InNHBB: What is your take on women with identity crises and media standards of natural hair?

Anowa: I don’t judge women with identity crisis because our society has been conditioned to view women with natural hair in a negative way. The media can be ignorant and rude so I try not to pay attention.

NHBB: What advice would you give a woman/girl considering embracing their natural hair?

Anowa: Go for it! It’s about how you feel and as long as you’re content about your decision then nothing else matters. Natural hair is beautiful and the best way you can maintain a healthy mane.


Aside from the Natural hair, Anowa lives passionately through being full-figured phenomenon and CEO of PowerHouse Physics.

Today Anowa is challenging the controversial theory on weight standards and health. Upon completing her Personal Trainer Certification amongst many others, Anowa’s mission to pave the way for full-figured women through fitness has obtained a well-deserved buzz on the net.

Currently, Anowa is working on her second series of workout DVDs , which offers unique exercises targeted towards curvier women. In addition, she’s created her own “PowerHouse Workout, Wellness, & Empowerment Workshop” which travels to various cities promoting the message of Self-Improvement, Health and Wellness.

While branding “The Nigerian Powerhouse”, Anowa has future aspirations of releasing an autobiography about her life. Her drive for fitness is fueled by her passion to Inspire women to look and feel better about themselves. Anowa sums her life simply by saying,” No one has a choice in their genetic makeup, however you have to learn how to accept your unique qualities as your blessings. – Anowa Adjah

Closing: It has been a pleasure getting to know Anowa and her journey with Natural Hair. At NHBB, we highlight woman who are influential and inspirational so women and girls across the world will know you too can live your life both naturally and happily. Anowa is living proof that women of color are black and absolutely beautiful both inside and out. We hope this interview has inspired you in more ways than one.
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