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Brown Skin Women is a natural hair, beauty, wellness and entrepreneurial network which elevates female youth and women through ethnic beauty and wellness founded by myself, Carmen Veal, in 2013.

You ever hear the saying “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life“?  Well, it’s true.  Brown Skin Women came about after a decision to chop off my chemically relaxed hair to embrace it in it’s natural state.  This decision ended up liberating me. Encouraging me to weed through a journey of self which links back to results of urban trauma, having my daughter Sania at age 17, becoming sole mom, and learning to love myself.

Yoga, meditation, education, love, therapy, healthy eating and being the best possible version of myself allowed me to learn to put my well-being first, then share this elevated way of existing with other girls and women of color.

Today, I firmly believe that every single one of us are beautiful and deserving of being the best possible version of ourselves.  Through my events and programs we focus on the big picture, the end goal and trying to be the best possible version of ourselves. Learning as much as we can, giving as much as we can, finding inspiration everywhere, working as hard as we can and still smiling.


  • Academy: a virtual classroom offering personal and professional development lessons
  • Therapeutic, hands on workshops and events
  • Youth only summits and retreats
  • Natural Hair, Beauty + Wellness Services inside of our Events + Beauty Showroom
  • Membership Club: a exclusive way to take advantage of all our our products and services.
  • Retreats and day trips: destination trips with a focus on adventure, culture and self love.
  • Blog: we publish regular content on our blog, including how-tos, tips & tricks, things to try and more.
  • Facebook Page: Inspiration and the best way to broadcast amazing news with the world.
  • Facebook Group: Private groups for our members to connect, share and grow on a personal level.
  • Weekly Newsletter: weekly updates to keep our subscribers informed of news and special announcements.

Our free events and programs are made possible by our fundraising efforts and official collaboration with local non-profit organization RiseUP.

Keep Up With Us

We want you to join us on the road to transformation, inspiration, unity and love. Whether you are looking for support with personal or professional growth, this network can support you. We offer many different membership levels at different price points. Our CLASSIC (anything but basic) level is FREE.

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