7 absolute truths and gentle reminders about life 

Sometimes material things provide us gentle reminders and powerful life lessons. These experiences have the ability to shape us if we let them. 

On Instagram I shared posts highlighting a beautiful wedding I attended with my love this past weekend.  It was pretty amazing because love is inspiring.  It (the wedding) also served me a powerful lesson through an edible (of all things).

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved the idea of macaroons because they’re adorable…until I tried one.   I do not like the taste of them (they’re entirely too sweet).  

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like them.  So I’ve tried macaroons on three different occasions (I really wanted to like them). Each time confirming the feeling which grew stronger.  To date I stand firm on my dislike of them.  

Outer appearance much like shallow holes within the beauty industry can be visually appealing… but not always internally satisfying.  

This final idea surrounding macaroons got me thinking about life and some of its absolute truths… 

A good-looking person does not necessarily have an attractive character.  

All that Glitters is not gold.  

Nothing should be judged by its external appearances. 

Appearances are deceptive

Internal reality is often different from external looks.

NEVER judge a book by its cover.

The external appearance is not a reliable guide to the quality of what lies within. 

Each absolute truth can apply to any are within our lives. Significant others, careers, family, home, etc.  Start with who you are on the inside so that the external aspect naturally shines through.

It was a special evening indeed.  One that encouraged me to focus on and always do things with love.  Or not at all.  

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