6 epic steps to help you get organized and grow

Hey there goal-digger.  I know you have a LOT going on.  Like you are the epitome of I don’t have enough hours in a day, crazy busy.  Trying to attain a work-life balance.

I get it.

Entrepreneurship is hard.  It is invigorating and stressful at the same time.  You want to succeed but then fear and doubt creeps up causing complete mayhem.

How many amazing ideas have you had?  Intentions have you set?  Checking accounts in the negative? Plans you’ve developed but never executed?  Life happens.  Stunting, stopping even, your growth.  Taking over and before you know it, the goal is just a dream and reality outweighs its significance.

It’s tough.  Setbacks and struggling are tough.  It seems to outweigh successes, making it feel close to impossible to overcome.  It isn’t.  What you do with those experiences (I’ve labeled this as life handing me a healthy dose of f*ckery) is what shapes you, and has the power to fuel your personal and professional growth.

There is a process that allows my team (me, myself and I) to get things done, pause slightly to acknowledge setbacks (but not long enough to impact progress) then continue on towards achieving my end goal.  It takes dedication, discipline and determination.  Which is a set of characteristics many of us carry, but struggle with prioritizing in order to stay on track.

After running two small businesses, a nonprofit organization and turning this Brown Skin Women blog into a multi streamed revenue membership club, I have grasped quite a bit about starting and running a business.  I have developed a pretty powerful solution.

Because I so adore the spirit and passionate hearts of brown skin women entrepreneurs, I’ve developed 6 epic steps to help you get organized and grow and I’ll share them with you in this webinar.  Register here.  It’s FREE.

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