30 day water detox challenge

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A few weeks ago I shared part one of My Not So Great Relationship with Water.  In short, it’s one area I have always struggled with prioritizing.  Knowing the significance of regular water intake but choosing to ignore it.  While in the Bahamas a month ago, I realized I was thirsty for water (not the piña Collada’s and Tom Collin high I was on).  Which made me realize I was likely dehydrated.  Fast forward to returning home and learning Sania, my soon-to-be fourteen-year-old daughter’s, health is worsening as a result of the same.  She’s completely nonverbal and lacks all self-help skills, and so the fault is never her own.  I have to do better for her and for myself.

Learning she and I fall within the majority of people who struggle with daily water intake was a shocker.  Most Americans are dehydrated.  I’ve learned many of the women in this Brown Skin Women network drinks far less water than should be consumed daily.  5-8 glasses of water per day.  More if active or overweight.

You’re dehydrated if your urine is dark in color (it should be the same color as lemon juice or clearer), you experience headaches, dry skin or constipation.  And ladies, we need water regularly for the health of our hair, skin, and nails too.  We can’t rely solely on the products we apply to the outside of our bodies.  Wellness and health primarily starts within.

Dehydration can cause health related complication while drinking the required amount of water can improve our health overall.

Read enough?  I certainly hope so.  It’s time for each of us to do better.  Together united.  We can succeed, we can do better.  This 30 day NO EXCUSE water detox challenge is happening.


If you aren’t already a member, join at least the CLASSIC level here.


Log in to your account here to access the official challenge dashboard below (you can’t see it until you log in).


RSVP via the challenge dashboard calendar below (again, you can’t see it until you log in) so that you’re officially signed up and can access fruit and herb infused recipes :).


If you aren’t already, join our members only secret group on Facebook for frequent fruit and herb infused water recipes, inspiration, motivations and to share your progress, setbacks, and results inside of the official water detox challenge “event”.  Request to join here.

That's it!

The #BSWWaterChallenge will kick off on the February 6th but you can join at any t,ime.  I’m spending the next 24 hours getting the rest of my materials together so I can set myself up for success.  Fruits and herbs, water bottles, etc.  I’ll be sharing my behind-the-scenes process and progress via my Snapchat (add me @CarmenVeal).

I look forward to this journey with you 💜.



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