2018 The Year Of Self Challenge: She Is Patient for She Knows Her Journey Is Her Reward

As one chapter of another year quickly comes to an end, I am reminded of the progress I have made. Setbacks too. Tunnel vision is a hell of a mindset to adopt, if only you can focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Even when you’re navigating through darkness.

Balancing that really fine line between work and life. Trying to understand it and measure it against where I currently am and where I ultimately want to be. And I’d bet my last dollar you can relate…your goal in life is to get ahead too.

For as long as I can remember, I was determined to win, be better than the woman I was yesterday, seek out the blessings in the lessons I was dealt. Use them to turn my world around… enhance my quality of life. Because life after-all is supposed to be lived.

Love, live life, proceed, progress. Right!?

Special needs mommy-hood, loving and nurturing my love, becoming a fur mom to an endearing yet loving pit-bull pup, running my business, re-building my membership academy, and the constant mind over matter battle I have with myself because a woman’s intuition. This story goes on and on.

Your story is very different from my own I know, but still it’s a story. Your story. Regardless of how your story is narrated and illustrated, you control your outcome. 

I’ve grown through some serious darkness and can proudly say what we do with our stories lessons is what shapes us. It impacts how we show up, how we commit, how we deal, how we react, how to behave.

Every story involves a unique set of steps on a not so glamorous journey. Regardless of the what, the why, the when…the who will ALWAYS be you. Self. No one else. It starts, continues and ends with you.

Don’t shortcut or complain too much about your journey. You might miss the lesson and end up at your destination prematurely. Change takes time. Progress is a process. What’s for you is already yours…you just haven’t reached it yet.

So how exactly does one show up ready to accept what’s for them?

Self. It is that silver lining situated between work and life. The balance becomes the plot, the journeys stars you.
You can be your absolute best self, version perfectly imperfect, as long as you invest in you.

So this year, rather than making big, huge, life altering plans and goals, were focusing on us. It’s going to be our year of self development.

If we can find happiness and peace within ourself, then the rest of it will fall into place. I want to feel grounded. I want to feel centered. I want to feel confident. I want to feel connected. I want to be more self aware. I want to be conscious and compassionate. I want to feel empowered. I want to feel at peace. I want to feel unconditionally happy. I want to, deep down in my soul, find self acceptance. And I want the same for you too. 

So join me. This 2018 Year Of Self Challenge will consist of inspirations, development tools and resources, mentoring, an incredible support network and SO much more. And it’s all completely FREE.


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