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March 1, 2017

Currently crushing on NaturalAnnie Essentials Body Wash

Beauty, Wellness

I’ve been crushing on NaturalAnnie Essentials Body Wash because this natural living journey because in case you didn’t know, the lifestyle applies to what we put onto our bodies as well.   This body wash is made of all natural handmade products, lathers beautifully and makes my skin feel SO good.   Not only will your purchase support a fellow black owned business offering natural products and offering professional, quality and timely service, your skin will thank you for it.…

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Wake Pray Slay Challenge

Diary, Wellness

I have learned to always look within. What’s really stopping me? What’s really the driving force behind my actions and thoughts? What’s blocking my blessing?   I don’t plan to ever settle on survival alone. It isn’t enough. Striving…