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February Spotlight: Brown Skin Women & Black Owned Businesses

Naturals Who Network in Hartford

I'm humbled by the incredible women who are in my life and I'd be remiss if I didn't brag about the many dope Brown Skin Women who are apart of my network. In Our Community we talk about what makes us who we are, our strengths, our weaknesses, our highs, our lows. A series of conversations without our masks. Here are some of the beautiful Brown Skin Women sharing parts of their magic during our January Self-Care discussions, followed by…

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Brown Skin Women If You Struggle With Daily Water Consumption This Challenge Is For You

Regardless of what you have going on in your life, the decision should always be to prioritize your self-care. Self care means self-management is necessary too. Think about effective would a company be without a boss to handle the day-to-day operations? Not to say you should manage your life as if it's a business but manage your life-like it's your business (because it is!).…

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What Special Needs Mommy-hood Taught Me About Self-Care, Becoming A Better Woman And Entrepreneur

Imagine how your life will change when you get really clear on your personal and professional goals, then have the knowledge tools and resources to help you organize and executive effortlessly.   What would it feel like to not worry about these essential moving parts so that you can focus on being a masterpiece AND a work in progress, simultaneously? Or even the proud owner of a successful business?…

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