Greetings, I’m Carmen Veal!  A native of Hartford, Connecticut, Creative Jill of Many Trades, Event Executive and Founder of Brown Skin Women.

A journey through intimate self-love, cultural awareness and special needs mommy-hood led to a desire to design a life I imagined. As a result of what I do, I help brands and individuals alike share dynamic spaces that offers life-enhancing opportunities. My community consists of those who are interested in incorporating strategies that helps them improve their personal and professional foundation, process and flow.

My Blog Journey

In 2013, I started a virtual diary to document my journey of embracing my ethnic hair in its natural state. What I hadn’t realized is the blog would capture the attention of women near and far and grow an organic audience of over 7,000 women. By 2014, the blog had become a space for female Black culture, so I changed the name to Brown Skin Women (BSW) and expanded its focus to include natural hair, beauty, wellness and entrepreneurship. Today I use my entrepreneurial experience as an event executive to offer life and brand enhancing special events and services:


Brown Skin Women’s Natural Who Network was originally established Fall of 2013. These events grew organically through the dynamic connections experienced. This inspired me to re-brand to incorporate holistic life-enhancement related to hair, beauty, wellness and entrepreneurship.  Attendees are a healthy mix of every day Goal Digging Women, Educators, Specialists, Product and Service providers. These events are ongoing and are expanding across the US.

Brown Skin Women’s first major event was established in November 2014. This expo caters to hundreds of attendees and offer networking, shopping, workshops and dynamic energy. These events are annual and are offered only in Connecticut.

Brown Skin Women’s Natural Hair Retreat was established in July 2016. These destination events are for the every day woman who is deserving of embracing our culture and being exposed to amazing life enhancing journeys in other parts of the world. I partner with amazing brands (usually Black women) in other parts of the world to include the focus, mission and vision of Brown Skin Women. These events are annual and take place across the world.

Goal Digging Women is a virtual club that offers process strategies for intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. I use my past 14 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to share how I have created major life changes, organizational growth and a six figure income through building conscious communities on and offline.

About my Entrepreneurial Journey + Aha Moment 

While navigating the busy world that is entrepreneurship and the fashion industry for 6 years (with sprinkles of trying my hand in other industries like corporate finance, nonprofit, social work and design), I fell in love with creating opportunities for individuals to connect. This journey eventually led to my love for event production. Events are a great way to create authentic experiences between a brand/group and individuals.

My Big Break

In 2014, a unique opportunity allowed me to get a taste of my own event production with a budget and pay.  I took it as a sign from the Universe that it was time.  I spent the rest of the year phasing out just about everything else (except for my Brown Skin Women blog) to focus fully on immersing myself and my skill within the events industry.  Today I am an events specialist booking events across the US.

My Work Life Alignment

My personal life which is my most intimate and top priority is being mom to my special needs 14-year-old Princess Sania (read more about that HERE).  To keep sane through a busy world I align my energy and space with travel with my love, yoga, meditation, eco-therapy, and sharing beautiful vibes and positive energy with family and friends.

I look forward to connecting with you be it near or from afar, soon!  XO, Carmen